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Science Fiction Summer

2017-07-21 SciFi BookFunnel Promotion header

Have you gotten your summer readings yet? Well, here’s a large collection of science fiction from indie authors from all over the world. Pick one, pick them all — they are all free for a limited time. And if you like a book, please make sure to leave a review — indie authors live and die but your good words. Thank you and happy reading! Grab as many books as you like and tell a friend!

2017 Summer Fantasy Giveaway

William Blake Richmond "Venus and Anchises"

50 Fantasy eBooks — Read Them All! July 17th to 24th Download any or all of the 50 ebooks below. Happy reading! And if you love a story, please remember to leave a review on your favorite book site — indie authors live and die by the reviews of their work. Thank you!  Get Your Fantasy eBook

1908 Russia — One of the Settings for My Novel: Twin Time

Sasha and Alex

“Twin Time” is a science fiction time twist story of two sisters: one autistic and one not. It plays out in two time periods: modern and just before and after the Russian Revolution of 1917. My grandmother was born off this time period, and it is partly based on her stories that that part of the book is created. Born into privilege, she lost everything after the Revolution. She married a Russian officer to secure her own Russian citizenship — my grandmother’s father was an English citizen, and her last name was very English and so was her passport. The new name and citizen papers saved her life. “Twin Time” is fully illustrated. But this movie of Russian life in 1908 gives another glimpse into the life of my characters. For those interested in reading the first few chapters, here’s the link: “Twin Time”.

Thinking About the Future of Reading

The Taxonomy of Usefulness We are a family with two Kindles, three iPads, two iPods, and an iPhone. We also have a few thousand old-fashioned paper books stored on bookshelves in every nook and cranny of our home: bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, stairs, garage, closets, family room, and any other space and surface that might hold a book or two or ten. We are into reading! And we use our Kindles, iPads/Pods/Phone, and computers to read as well. And while statistically speaking, we make just four data points for four family members, I feel we have something interesting to say about using technology to read. To help me understand my own relationship with reading and technology, I’ve come up with a little Taxonomy of Usefulness. If you’ve been reading this blog (or my books and papers), you’d have noticed that I like to slice up the world into groups sorted by a set of variables that I find useful at the time. Forming categories helps me think—the Cognitive Wheel is a prime example. Taxonomy of Usefulness These variables help derive the value of the electronic reading devices. Ergonomics There are many attributes to consider when describing the ergonomics of a device,…