Thinking Design

When I originally started this blog, I meant as a way to assist my students in learning about design, product design to be more specific. With time, I taught less and less (the serpentine bureaucracy of the UC Berkeley and France made it practically impossible to schedule a class or even help students approved for an internship! I have confrontation, so I just let it go, using my “free” time to write instead. I now mostly write science fiction. But all of the resources and article discussions posted on this blog still form a solid scientific background in my fiction. Pick any book or short story I’ve written, and you will find lots of ideas that have been previously discussed on the pages on this blog.

So feel free to explore a bit. You might be surprised at what you find! (Watch the videos too!)

Happy reading!


Olga Werby

PS: For those interested in hiring me to teach any of the classes listed or to simply give a presentation on any of the topics I covered in my classes, please feel free to contact Pipsqueak Productions LLC.