Book Cognitive Tools for Product Designers

Book Description: Every profession develops a set of cognitive tools and a culture that envelops its activities, artifacts, knowledge, and practice. “ Cognitive Tools for Product Designers” offers readers an introduction to the product design conceptual framework: what goes into creation of a successful product design? Individual differences in personality types and learning styles, memory limitations, perception, background and social knowledge, cultural differences, reasoning styles, categorization strategies, and attention controls are examined as usability variables for developing products that work for specific audiences.

The book was written for the classes I teach. It is available for sale on in paperback ($25) and Kindle ($10) editions. If you’re taking one of my classes, you are better off with an actual book. The Kindle version works better on the iPad (the Kindle reader application is free). Click on the image below to purchase a copy. Please be advised that the hard-copy version of the book may take up to two weeks to be delivered!