What does it take to become a great product designer?

I’m sure there are many answers to this query as there are people who teach and work in the product design field. I particularly like the answer of RSA Animate:

RSA Animate: Changing Education Paradigm.

Courses I Teach

I currently teach four classes: three at U.C. Berkeley and one at American University in Paris. Please follow the links below for a description of each class, and visit the appropriate university to sign up.

Cognitive Tools For Interaction Design

Cultural Difference In Product Design

Origins of Human Errors

Ethnographic Studies in Product Design

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If you are interested in taking a class at U.C. Berkeley, please contact me directly or Stephen Chang:

Stephen Chang
UC Berkeley Extension
Business, Technology, and Engineering
O: (510) 642-4153
F: (510) 642-6027

If you are interested in taking a class at AUP, please contact me directly or the school:

Office of Graduate Admissions
The American University of Paris
6, rue du Colonel Combes
75007 Paris, France

+33 (0)1 (tel)
+33 (0)1 (fax)

You can reach me by email or by telephone at (415) 668-4372.

Product Design Workshop

If you took my “Cognitive Tools For Interaction Design” class in the past, you were asked to develop an idea for a product as part of the class project. Some of these ideas were so good that I expect to see them widely distributed all over the world! But in that class, we only started on the path of product development. I’m considering a follow up class that would take those ideas and move them farther toward reality. I’m considering teaching another class: “Product Design Workshop.” If this is something that you might want to take, please contact me—I would need to show UCB that there is sufficient interest out there for such a class. Thank you!

Product Design Workshop

Jane McGonigal: Gaming Can Make a Better World.