As part of my classes, students are asked to evaluate newspaper article for information relating to Product Design, Conceptual Design, Interaction Design, and Interface Design. Their work is shared publicly via this site.

Each contributor adds another interesting perspective to the site. And contributors get to know each other and become friends and collaborators on projects: this is where good ideas come from!

Converting Word Documents to Text Suitable for WordPress Posts

Here’s a procedure to convert a Word document into text suitable for pasting into a post in WordPress, while preserving bold and italic formatting.

  1. Go to the following webpage:
  2. Copy and paste the text from Word to the main window, replacing the sample text that’s already there
  3. Press the Clean button.
  4. Copy all the text that’s in the bottom panel. That’s what you want to paste into your WordPress blog post.

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  • RSA Animate: Where Good Ideas Come From.

    by Steven Johnson