Fun, Creativity, and Good Design

The best product designs not only work well, they make us smile. They solve problems we as consumers haven’t even consider yet or realized we had. Take a look at a selection of product designs below. The springy bed frame is not only functional, but a conversation starter — don’t you want to try it out?

springy bed frame

The “selfy stick” helps us take better photos of ourselves. Our arm reach is no longer a limitation or a liability — I like my portraits taken from the top to reduce that double chin!

photo selfy stick

It’s fun to be elegant… until it all crushes down around us. Finger tip tray is the solution! Finger food will stay safely on top of the tray with this cool design. And again, it’s a conversation starter — a perfect tool at a party.

finger tip tray

While I’m not sure I would advertise my waist size with this imaginative belt, it could serve as a powerful reminder to keep to a diet.

weight control belt

Serving tea to your aunt? Wouldn’t this put a smile on her face?

penguin tea maker

In one of my design classes, a student proposed a bed light that would adjust to awaken the sleeper gently. This one does it with humor as well.

self-adjusting lamp

It doesn’t matter how large your house is — there’s never enough space! Combining storage and stairs is a clever solution to an everyday problem of limited storage.

storage staircase

Do you know someone with Parkinson’s? I do. The stifled movements and jerkiness makes everyday tasks unpleasant and difficult. An ergonomic glass that accommodates fingers not only makes drinking easier but it takes away the sting of clumsiness — everyone wants one!

ergonomic glass

What all these examples have in common is the desire for better functionality mixed in with a bit of delight. Fun, creativity, and functionality is a powerful combination.