In Search of Design Excellence

Rutter, G. B. (2010). “In Search of Design Excellence.” Visited on October 15th, 2012:

Design excellence can be defined as a combination of design excellence, or the fidelity of decisions decisions and the innovations. Often, people conflate innovation and  the execution of design. Even if a design is new and a breakthrough, the execution of the design can make or break the how excellent a design truly is.

One area to consider for design execution is human centered design. Examples given include the design of a music application. While it might be possible to dpwnload music in a new manner, it does not mean ease of use has been considered. Similary, when considering design decisions for making a new chair, often times, ergonomics and engineering check boxes may be used to create new experiences. However, if human centered design tenants are not considered, the design may still ultimately fail. Ie, s the music app easy to use? Fun to use? Is the chair comfortable? Does it fit in the users environment?

For new innovations if human centered designed is a component of the design a better product may emerge, and this is one sign of excellent design.

p-prim — Innovation and engineering feats make a design excellent

Conceptual Design — Take into account Human Factors

Inteface Design — Does the product or service actually make the user happy, comfortable and confident?