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Special Preview: Wearable Computing (Steve Mann)

The next chapter in the Interaction-Design.org tome on human-computer interaction design is now up for an early review to my readers. This chapter takes on Wearable Computing and is written by Steve Mann. Mostly, this is a historical review of Prof. Mann’s experimentations with wearable computing devices, and for those unfamiliar with this subject area, this is an interesting introduction. On the left, you can see an early version of wearable computing: Steve Mann’s backpack based system from the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. But as always, I have a slightly different take on this topic… The Little Mac That Saved My Son’s Life Almost 18 years ago, I went into a preterm labor. At 24 and a half weeks into gestation, this was very scary. At the time, San Francisco Children’s Hospital was pioneering a program for high risk pregnancies (which mine just turned out to be). Two doctors, Dr. Kuts and Dr. Maine, figured out how to use an old Mac SE, a modem, a telephone, a subcutaneous pump, and a belt which measures contractions to allow women like me to stay at home as much as we could (as opposed to spending months in the hospital). Here’s…

Augmented Reality in Design

For those of you who have been designing iphone apps that use the geo-location features, social media connections, and tie-ins with local businesses, here are a few ideas and platforms that might help push your projects along to completion. In particular, if you’re considering developing a shopping iphone app (shopping lists, price comparisons, coupons, bulk purchases with friends, and sale alerts), this is worth watching. Argon, the Augmented Reality Web Browser Blair MacIntyre, director of Argon Project, and associate professor in Georgia Tech’s College of Computing, describes the new platform for smart phone (iphone) that uses the same tools as those used to develop web sites. Ad-dispatch Augmented Reality Video This video shows how iphone can be used to interact with packaging, ad, and billboards. What is daqri? This video shows off a piece of software which allows “rich spatial media experience”: Daqri.