Foie Gras on Child’s Menu and Other Cultural Differences

We are staying in a tiny village of Cenac, in a beautiful Dordogne Valley in France — the valley of foie gras (duck liver). The other day, when we went out for dinner in a local restaurant, we saw a great little item on the Child’s Menu: foie gras! Imagine a duck liver pate on a child’s menu anywhere in US? Here, it’s a common item — if not duck liver, than some other pate is often on the menu for kids. Check out the photo we took of the elementary school menu, posted on the door of the school:

2012-06-28 School Menu in France

Notice the rabbit, duck, olives, salad and vegetables, and, of course, the pate on the menu! I think the families and children in this small village would be shocked by the menu offerings at our schools in San Francisco! This is a cultural difference!

Cultural differences affect how we think about problem solving — how we approach the problem and how we go about looking for solutions. Consider a few images below. They are from India and show a cultural difference in imaginative solutions to every day problems:

motocycle bus

Swimming support

The motorcycle bus and the home-made flotation device show creativity within a tight constraint space.

The photos below show cultural difference in values — what’s important? What’s valuable?

animals in a store

Theaft protection

Perhaps when we say “think different”, what we really mean is change your cultural vantage point…