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Making Money on a Bet

Yesterday, I came across a little post on LinkedIn:

L.G. update: “I have a bet with one of my colleagues today. He thinks that using LinkedIn is a waste of time and does not see the benefit. So he has agreed to give me £1 for every like/comment I get. Considering I have over 2000 connections I reckon I will get £300 easy out of this. Start liking this update people!”

It wasn’t from anyone I knew. But a LOT of people I did know (and are linked to) commented and liked this update. I added my like as well.

To date (the original comment was made 2 days ago), there are 6,298 likes and 1,286 comments! Mr. L.G. stands to make some money here.

With Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and the like, all pushing the value of social networking, it was interesting to see this little experiment making a direct conversion from social networking to money. And it’s not over—the post sparked an emotional response among the members of LinkedIn. The emotional trigger is still there. With each new like and comment, the temptation to add another like on the pile grows. It’s contagious!

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  1. July 8, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    My blog posts are part of the news feed for a few LinkedIn groups—by writing the post, I’m contributing to the spread of the original update and guaranteeing more “likes.” Others, I’m certain, will do the same. …and a virus is born.

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