In the Mood for Dystopia & Apocalypse…

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Years ago, after a very bad breakup, I was completely hooked on dystopian and apocalypse scifi books. If the world wasn’t ending, if things weren’t blown up in some insanely tragic ways, I wasn’t interested. I read everything I could get my hands on, the darker the better: Lucifer’s Hammer by Larry Niven and of course all the sequels (sort of), Footfall co-written with Jerry Pournelle and The Mote in God’s Eye (Mote Series Book 1); Rendezvous with Rama (all of them!) by Arthur C. Clarke; I discovered Robert A. Heinlein and read everything he ever wrote… I was wallowing in emotional pain and voraciously consuming all stories that matched my mood. Eventually, I got over it, but some of these dystopian visions remain as my favorite books. I strongly recommend ALL of them!

And now that I took up writing as more than just a hobby, I wrote a few dark tales myself. The FATOFF Conspiracy is a mix of “Fast Food Nation” and “Brazil”. It’s a story about a society where you can buy fat storage — eat as much as you want and store your fat for a price. Only the rich can afford to be thin and healthy. This book is available as part of the 30+ ebooks giveaway below.

And one more thing… If you like any of the stories you read, please leave a review — being an independent writer is hard. Most of us can write, but few can market our work. So help — tell all your friends and their friends about your new author discovery; share this link and give them these books for free; give a shout out to the author — we love to be told that you like our work!

Thank you for reading!

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