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Readers Favorite Bronze MedalLet me start with a bit of my own personal good news. “Becoming Animals” just won the bronze medal from the Readers Favorite! It’s my third book that won something. So I guess I can now write “award-winning author” next to my name… Woo-hoo? To get this award, I will have to go to Florida and to one of the largest international book fairs. I’ve never been to a book fair before (I’ve been asked several times to go to the Frankfurt Fair, but always turned them down), so I guess this is as good time as any. If any of you are from around there, please come find me! I will need all the support I can get! 2018 Miami Book Fair November 16-18 — these are the dates I will be there! (Making a plunge here…)

…and one more thing… look for my short story, “The Soil of my Ancestors,” in the Kyanite Press, a Journal of Speculative Fiction: Winter Digest 2018 – Fables and Fairy Tales, available on December 1st, 2018. This too is my little good news for the day.

Thank you everyone!

Survival Apocalypse Dystopian

These last few years — the 2016 presidential election season and the Trump’s presidency — have been torturous when it comes to civil discourse. How many of us lost friendships due to the crazy politics? It’s like our whole nation is under siege; like we have been dropped into an unlikely political thriller; it’s a forced immersion into a dystopian world. There is no getting out of it until this presidency stops. And even then, we will all need group PTSD therapy, regardless of which side of the argument we were on. It’s really insane… Books are great at combatting the feelings of hopelessness and despair. Each story is a therapy wrapped in prose… Back when I suffered through a horrible breakup, I’ve read every apocalyptic thriller I could get my hands on — other worlds’ misery made my own a bit more bearable. So get some zombies to scare you, plunge into a night plague, experience the aftereffects of a death ray, and feel better about our own reality. 

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In this collection, I have “The FATOFF Conspiracy” — it’s “The Fast Food Nation” meets “Brazil.”

Transdimensional Industries gave the world a technical solution to the obesity epidemic—eat more than you want, and store all that you want in their fat storage tanks conveniently located outside of our set of dimensions. Complete gluttony without sacrificing beauty or health…for a price.

You can be rich and buy a thin body. You can be poor and lucky enough to get government assistance with your personal fat storage — Federal Assistance with Transdimensional Offloading of Fat and Flab. Or you can win the tits lottery — a lifetime of free blubber storage in the Transdimensional Industries’ tanks where all the humanity’s fat is stored. Thin people live well, have high paying jobs, and wield all of the social and political power and prestige while consuming unlimited quantities of food as mandated by the government. Fat people? They don’t do so well.

Girls Kick Ass

Women make the best protagonists — they are smart, beautiful, powerful, and most importantly caring. So it’s not a surprise that women make up the majority of fictional heroes nowadays. Just look at the covers — it’s all girls with swords and magic throwing hands. This collection is brimming with them! There are 72 books! That’s a lot of entertainment… 

Download, read as much as you can, share the link with others, and please leave a review!

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In this collection, I have “Lizard Girl & Ghost: The Chronicles of DaDA Immortals” — a story of the awakening of an avatar’s soul. When does something change from being a thing to an active, thinking, and feeling living entity? This is a story of life and death and cyberspace… Hope you enjoy the ride. And thank you for all the nice notes and reviews you’ve sent my way!

New Scifi and Fantasy naughty

Sometimes, we join things and then surprise! Well, I was a bit shocked by what I got myself into in this giveaway. First, allow me to tell you a story of my naivete. A few months ago, a person in one of my online writing groups mentioned the existence of a whole genre of fiction that I was blissfully unaware — dinosaur soft porn. If you are like me, you might need a bit of an explanation. I’ll stick with just the titles: “Any Dino Will Do,” “Boned by The Baryonyx,” Taken by The Pterodactyl,” Prehistoric Passion,” “Pleasured by The Plesiosaurus.” I have a pretty good imagination, but I had NO IDEA… My imagination simply didn’t bend that way (go ahead and google… at your own peril).

So why am I sharing my ignorance of fiction genres? Well, I join many free ebooks giveaways. Usually with good results. And the “New Scifi-Fantasy Giveaway” opportunity looked no different than any other — some books are great, some not so much, but my newsletter subscribers get a bunch of variety and might discover something they like. I don’t always get to see the collection of books until they have been put together. When I’ve opened the link to this collection, I’ve discovered that some books were not like the others: “Captured by The Beast,” “Loved by The Alpha Leader,” “Penetrated by a Monster”… Now as I’ve said, there are wonderful books in the collection as well (like my Lizard Girl), but clicker beware!

So download, read as much as you can, share the link with others, and please leave a review!

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