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My story, Twin Time, is part of this collection. It is partly a story of my grandmother, who, as a child, had to run from her home in the middle of the night when the Reds came to kill her family after the Russian Revolution. It is also a story of what it feels like to be unable to communicate and experience time in an alien way. It’s a story of desperation, love, redemption, loss, and the pain of having your child born different. Who is this woman? Find out…

Countess Alexandra Portrait


Like all families, we argue. Sometimes, it’s about mundane stuff — the milk will die if the fridge is left open — sometimes, it’s about what would happen if time travel was possible and you could back and kill Baby Hitler… We didn’t agree on what each of us would do. But I had an advantage — I could write my opinion into a short story. So here it, both as a radio play (read by yours truly) and as text. Enjoy!

Hitler Baby

Baby Killer

Brian was running away. He dumped his laundry basket into the trunk of his car, wrapped his computer in a towel and stuffed it underneath the mixture of dirty and clean clothes, and took off North. His college midterms went poorly and the paper he wrote for the world philosophy class was just dreadful. He was tired and haven’t slept in a very long time. Life had gotten to be too much lately and he had enough of it. He drove into the night. He liked staring into the passing lights, it was easy to lose oneself in the monotony of the highway in the dark — nothing to really see, just the passing the headlights, reflectors, and the lit highway signs.

He drove most of the night. In the gray pre-dawn, he noticed a small billboard for a rest stop, offering hot coffee. Without making a conscious decision, Brain found himself turning off on a small side road and then into a parking lot of a medium-sized diner. Quite a few cars were already parked in a cluster around the front entrance. Soft yellow light spilled out of the curtained windows. … Continue reading…


One of my stories about time travel is featured in the Alien Dimensions: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Metaphysical Short Stories Anthology Series #14
I hope you will check it out!


If you would like to watch a good explanation of time travel in fiction, please check out the video below. Which type of time travel do you think Twin Time uses? I’m not telling…
Time Travel in Fiction Rundown


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