My grandmother grew a “mushroom” in her kitchen, feeding it tea and sugar. It had a slightly sickly sweet smell and it was hard and springy to the touch. I never liked to drink the stuff, but I always considered it somewhat of a family pet (I never had a dog or cat, being allergic to both). Years later, a friend game a small batch of mother culture grown in black tea—”That’s the stuff,” I thought! I kept growing it for a few years, with my family extremely squeamish even at the thought of it living in our kitchen. But I liked it, it felt like a bit like having grandma in my kitchen. It lived for about 4 years, and then died when we left it alone for a few weeks while we traveled on vacation. My boys were thrilled.

Recently, I’ve read that Google has been growing these in green and black tea varieties for their employees cafeteria—apparently, it’s in fashion again. And now I came across a video below:

Now that’s truly being fashionable!